Menya Kokoro: Japan’s popular maze soba restaurant to open at Suntec City on Oct 12

Photo: Menya Kokoro
Photo: Menya Kokoro

One of Tokyo’s most popular maze soba restaurant chains is coming to Singapore, and it’s calling out to fans of Japanese dry ramen. Menya Kokoro, which has 27 outlets across the globe from Japan and Indonesia to Spain and Thailand, will debut on our shores on Oct 12 at Suntec City.

In case you didn’t know, its founder and chef Takuma Ishikawa got his training chops at Menya Hanabi, the restaurant hailed for inventing maze soba and introducing it to the world.

(L) Whole wheat noodles; (R) original maze soba. Photo: Menya Kokoro
(L) Whole wheat noodles; (R) original maze soba. Photo: Menya Kokoro

Known for its noodles that are made with whole wheat flour and its maze soba sauce that’s created with a “secret recipe” and flown in from Japan, the 58-seater eatery’s signature bowl ($10.80) includes slow braised chashu, minced meat sauce, ground saba fish, poached eggs, bamboo shoots, and green onions, waiting to be tossed and mixed together for maximum umami. Each order is served with mushroom kombu-based soup and a small portion of Japanese rice just in case you’ve run out of noodles to mop up the remaining sauce.

Besides the spicy maze soba ($11.80), melted cheese maze soba ($12.80), and vegan maze soba ($11.80) that comes with soy meat and veggies, the menu also offers sides like chicken karaage ($4.80), takoyaki ($4.80), and chicken wings ($4.80).

(L) Curry maze soba; (R) spicy maze soba. Photo: Menya Kokoro
(L) Curry maze soba; (R) spicy maze soba. Photo: Menya Kokoro

Exclusive to the Singapore outlet, Menya Kokoro is introducing two new dishes: maze don ($10.80), a twist on the original with Japanese rice instead of noodles, and curry maze don ($13.80), a rice bowl topped with Japanese curry and grilled chicken.



Menya Kokoro will open on Oct 12 at #03-313 Suntec City Mall, Tower 1 & 2, 3 Temasek Blvd.
6235-3386, daily 11am-10pm.
MRT: Promenade/City Hall

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