McDonald’s Singapore taking on rendang beef burgers again, coming out National Day 2018

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

We thought that McDonald’s was done with their local cuisine-influenced National Day promos for the year, but today they hit us with news of yet another one: a beef rendang burger.

They’re calling it the “Rendang Sedap Angus Beef Burger,” and it’s the Golden Arches’ take on the classic Malay dish. It’s being rolled out to commemorate National Day, and will be officially available in restaurants islandwide on the day of the Singapore’s 53rd birthday itself (Aug 9, in case you forgot), but you can try your luck at some outlets which are offering soft launches today.

It’s important to note that this is not the first time McDonald’s have offered rendang burgers. Back in 2013, the fast food joint launched a “Singapura Feast” set meal that consisted of Curry Shaker Fries, Rose McFizz (because bandung) and a rendang burger, which was also available as in a version with double patties. It wasn’t very good, though, according to these two bloggers.

This time, however, Maccas is making sure that the patty is a “100% Angus beef patty” that’s been dipped in a manufactured rendang sauce, which they say is made from a blend of coconut milk, ginger, kaffir lime, lemongrass, onion, garlic, and spices. Fried egg is added on top of the patty — even though proper rendang daging doesn’t have one — but hey, it’s a burger, so nitpicking here might be a moot point. Anyway. Both red onions and grilled caramelized onions are slapped in between as well, alongside some lettuce.

Photo: McDonald's Singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

No Curry Shaker Fries this time around, so you’ll have to make do with some Golden Criss Cut Fries (which probably tastes better anyway). Like the Ha Ha Cheong Gai burger, this National Day meal is only available for a limited time only, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. If you insist on getting your rendang in burger form, then there’s always the OG version that Burger King has been doing since way back.

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