Malaysia’s bizarrely popular Milo-coated fried chicken arrives in a Singaporean cafe

Photo: Flavour Flings / Facebook
Photo: Flavour Flings / Facebook

Forget about the weak-ass salted egg fries from McDonald’s (or salted egg lizards for that matter); fried chicken coated in chocolatey Milo powder is here in Singapore.

“Yikes,” you may gasp after a brief moment of dry heaving. “People actually eat that?” you may ask.

Why, yes. Turn your gaze up north to our Malaysian neighbors, who apparently created and popularised the megaton calorie bomb. Deep-fried battered chicken cutlets encrusted with sugary Milo powder sounds like a disgustingly fatty treat that even Paula Dean would turn her nose up at, but it’s proven to be a hit in Malaysia. To add on to the weirdness, people actually eat ‘em together with spicy sambal. What a time to be alive.

Welp, the culinary monstrosity has arrived on our shores (even though you could make it at home for yourself) at popular Hougang eatery Flavour Flings. The cafe recently added Milo-Coated Chicken Pops to its menu at $9.90 a plate, which comes with Sambal Belachan Mayo and Nacho Cheese Sauce. Say what you will about it but the folks at Have Halal Will Travel tried ’em and they gave the dish a resounding thumbs up review. Perhaps there is something to the hype after all.

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