Here’s where to get the new curious concoction ‘Coca-Cola Clear’ in Singapore

Photo: Ikidane Nippon/Facebook
Photo: Ikidane Nippon/Facebook

Move aside, clear milk tea. There’s a new transparent drink in town.

This just in: The bizarre concoction that is Coca-Cola Clear has made it to our shores. It debuted in Japan last week, and while the rest of the world looked on in bewilderment, the transparent Coke beverage just arrived in Singapore too, thanks to online grocery platform Fresh by Honestbee.

If you haven’t heard, it’s a new Coca-Cola creation that’s colorless, claiming to contain zero calories, and additionally flavored with just a splash of lemon flavor. The removal of the iconic drink’s classic dark caramel color reportedly took about a year to develop for the Japanese market.

Photo: Ikidane Nippon/Facebook

But before you sweep the site’s (virtual) shelves, know that each 500ml bottle will set you back a baffling $9.90 — although they’re currently on sale for $6, with a six-item limit per customer. In comparison, the retailer’s standard 330ml Coke can goes for just $0.85, while a 1.5-liter Coca-Cola Coke Classic costs $2.10. And here’s the kicker: that same bottle in Japan is priced at 140 yen (S$1.72).

The price you pay for science (we think).

However, this isn’t actually the first time the brand has launched a clear beverage in its line-up of products — it developed Tab Clear after Pepsi brought in Crystal Pepsi in the 1990s, but perhaps trendy transparent drinks weren’t as in demand back then.

Oh, and don’t shrug it off just yet, cynics. Those who’ve sipped on Coca-Cola Clear claim that the soda tastes just like the original, with that added hint of lemon. Interesting. And mind-boggling.

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