Eat your fill of lobster truffle rolls, lobster burgers, and lobster noodles at the new Pince & Pints outlet in Katong

Grilled lobster. Photo: Pince & Pints
Grilled lobster. Photo: Pince & Pints

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — After attracting crowds of lobster lovers to its debut outlet on Duxton Road since 2014, homegrown seafood specialist Pince & Pints has branched out to welcome East-siders into its loving arms with a third outlet (if you count its opening in KL) on East Coast Road. Known for focusing solely on the crustaceans in each dish, the restaurant serves up generous portions of fresh, air-flown Boston lobsters at pretty decent prices.

Chilli lobster and lobster roll. Photo: Pince & Pints

Its recently-opened 60-seater Katong outlet — which sits opposite 112 Katong mall along a stretch of street stuffed with plenty of good food — features a bustling ground floor with tables situated by an action-packed open concept kitchen, as well as a quieter, more private second floor for diners who want to escape from the flurry of activity.

With a new space comes new menu additions, of course — on offer here are the lobster noodles ($58) and the lobster burger ($42). As one of the two Asian-inspired items on the menu, the former is a plate of whole lobster stir-fried with ginger and scallions, resting on a bed of egg noodles drenched in a slightly too salty gravy and served with a house-made sambal chilli sauce.

Though in all honesty, we’ve had better lobster noodles at Chinese restaurants.

Lobster noodles. Photo: Pince & Pints

But the burger, man oh man, is it worth every single fried-to-perfection bite. Packed with lobster meat, the deep fried breaded patty is crispy and tender and nicely stuffed in between two fluffy potato buns. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the dish comes with sweet potato fries and three types of dipping sauces (go for the wasabi one).

Lobster burger. Photo: Pince & Pints

Besides the two newbies, the menu sticks to what it knows, and for good reason. Every dish stars a lobster that’s just as fresh as advertised, and really, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. There’s the lobster salad ($29-$58) with a rosemary honey soy vinaigrette if you’re after a light meal, or the grilled or steamed whole lobster ($58) served with fries and butter sauce if you’d rather not have other ingredients distract you from the crustacean.

Otherwise, the lobster roll ($58) is a finger-licking experience that won’t let you down. Or you can always kick it up a notch with the truffle roll ($68) that comes with shaved truffle, truffle caviar, and truffle butter sauce.

Truffle roll. Photo: Pince & Pints/Facebook

As for the other menu item that boasts Asian flavors, the chilli lobster ($58) is a pretty legit rendition of Singaporeans’ favorite chilli crab, served with pieces of fried mantou to mop up every last bit of the sauce.

And if you’re visiting Pince & Pints with a group of friends, feel free to go a little crazy on the small bites to share — you can choose from solid options like lobster mac and cheese ($29) and lobster chowder ($38), or veer off lobster course to order fried calamari ($12), garlic butter mussels ($18), and crispy fish skin ($10).

Lobster mac and cheese. Photo: Pince & Pints/Facebook


Pince & Pints is at two locations, including the new one at 95 East Coast Rd, 6386-3988. Mon-Fri noon-2:30pm, 5:30pm-11pm; Sat-Sun 11am-11pm. 

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