Coney Donut: Breakfast and dessert are both served in donut cones at this Somerset stall

Photo: Coney Donut/Facebook
Photo: Coney Donut/Facebook

Donut cones are all that Coney Donut serves, from breakfast to dessert. Essentially a donut molded into the shape of an ice cream cone, the item is the highlight of the new store of TripleOne Somerset, recently revamped with new brands and tenants in the building.

Made fresh each day and deep-fried for a fluffy center to go with its crisp exterior, the donut cone is best paired with soft serve ice cream, kind of like kürtőskalács, Hungary’s popular chimney cakes. For $6.80, you can get vanilla or salted caramel flavors from a rotating list of flavors, along with sauces like butterscotch, chocolate or apple. Then top your warm and frosty treat with two sprinkles of your choice from a selection that includes Pocky, marshmallows, Kit Kat, cereals, and nuts.

Photos: Coney Donut/Facebook
Photos: Coney Donut/Facebook

But did we mention there’s also a bubble tea-inspired creation? Clearly hopping on the current brown sugar pearl milk trend, the cone ($4.80) is filled with brown sugar syrup, milk tea custard cream, and a topping of tapioca pearls. It’s basically like all the best bits of the drink stuffed into a donut for extra carb-loading.

Other sweet versions include apple pie custard cream ($4.80), chocolate hazelnut ($4.80), and salted caramel macchiato ($4.80).

If you prefer your donuts savory, go for the English Breakfast ($4.80), which comes stuffed with smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, and a pinch of chives. There’s also the salted egg chicken option ($5.20) with popcorn chicken chunks tossed in a mix of salted egg and curry leaf; or the tuna mayo one ($4.80). For a heartier snack, try the chilli dog donut with cajun-flavored potato wedges ($8.80/meal).

Photo: Coney Donut/Facebook
Photo: Coney Donut/Facebook

Just bear in mind that the stall is a grab-and-go one, so be prepared to stroll around the mall while trying to nibble on the cones without looking too unglamorous.


Coney Donut is at #01-K1 TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Rd.
Daily 11am-9pm.

MRT: Somerset

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