Breathe Easy: Air restaurant set to take sustainable gastronomy to new heights in Dempsey

Photo: Instagram/@air_cccc
Photo: Instagram/@air_cccc

Prepare to have your senses invigorated and your palate tantalized come January 2024, as a revolutionary new dining experience takes root in the heart of Singapore’s lush Dempsey Hill. 

Aptly named Air (short for Awareness, Impact, and Responsibility), this ambitious project promises to not only tantalize your taste buds with innovative, flavor-forward cuisine, but also to redefine the very concept of sustainable dining.

Air is the brainchild of a dynamic trio – American chefs Will Goldfarb (Room 4 Dessert, Bali) and Matthew Orlando (Amass, Copenhagen), along with Indonesian entrepreneur Ronald Akili (Potato Head Group).Together, they envision a space that transcends the traditional restaurant, encompassing a two-story eatery, a research and development space, a cooking school, and even a sprawling lawn for alfresco dining amidst a garden farm.

The culinary philosophy at Air revolves around a bold and uncompromising commitment to minimizing food waste. This isn’t just about following the latest eco-trends; it’s about elevating flavor through ingenuity. 

Chefs Goldfarb and Orlando, renowned for their playful and experimental approach to food, will be transforming ingredients that would typically be discarded into unexpected and delectable dishes. Care for some fish bone noodles?

Air’s ambition extends far beyond the confines of the kitchen. The research and development space will be a hub for culinary innovation, where scientists and chefs collaborate to push the boundaries of taste and sustainability. The cooking school will offer immersive workshops, inviting guests to not only savor the food but also understand the philosophy and techniques behind it. And the lush garden farm,teeming with fresh produce, will serve as a living testament to the restaurant’s commitment to ethical and responsible sourcing.

Air is set to open on Jan. 31, 2024. You can stay up-to-date via their infinitely scrolling website here.

Find Air here.

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