5 gourmet popcorn brands in Singapore with unusual flavors like milk tea and tom yum

Photo: Garrett Popcorn Shops/Facebook
Photo: Garrett Popcorn Shops/Facebook

Popcorn isn’t just about your standard sweet or salty tubs at movie theaters anymore. The snack has gotten an artisanal makeover with shops coating their kernels in different flavors, from familiar favorites like seaweed and chocolate to really alternative varieties such as kimchi and spicy cuttlefish.

So if you’re planning a Netflix night soon, here are some cool snacks to consider from these gourmet brands.



Photo: Cornery – the popcorn gallery/Facebook
Photo: Cornery – the popcorn gallery/Facebook

Taking its name from the words “popcorn” and “gallery”, local brand Cornery debuted over a decade ago, putting an Asian spin to the snack.

In its assortment of flavors, the candied selection includes chocolate, caramel, coffee, butterscotch, palm sugar, and sugar-crusted white cheese for sweet tooths, while the savory range features kimchi, tom yum, cheddar cheese, seaweed, and sour cream with onion.

If you’re undecided, mix it up and build your own pack of popcorn picks to sample a bit of everything.



Photo: Eureka Snack/Facebook
Photo: Eureka Snack/Facebook

A popular Malaysian label that eventually made its way across the Causeway to our shores, Eureka’s popcorn is the very definition of addictive. With puffed-up, preservative-free kernels that are rounder and more evenly coated than those at your usual concession stands, each bite is a burst of flavor that you can munch on without having to put an entire handful into your mouth.

If you’re a fan of the classic, try the original sea salt one. Otherwise, you can choose from sour cream and onion, sweet tomato, cheese, and barbecue. Or take a walk on the wild side with its “Oriental” range, featuring flavors like seaweed, wasabi, matcha chocolate, the ubiquitous salted egg, and the newest, spicy cuttlefish.

For a sweet treat, try the dark chocolate popcorn or cereal with butter caramel, or check out the “Heritage” line-up where you’ll find the likes of white coffee, curry and, er, durian.



Photo: Garrett Popcorn Shops/Facebook
Photo: Garrett Popcorn Shops/Facebook

Oh, Garrett Popcorn. We’ve all seen, or rather, followed its saccharine scent across malls in Singapore ever since it plopped down on our shores from Chicago. Small batches of air-popped, non-GMO kernels are said to be prepared throughout the day, with the most famous option being the Chicago Mix, a sweet and savory blend of cheddar and caramel.

Apart from that, there’s the buttery popcorn made with coconut oil and salt, or the bag of caramelized nuts tossed with caramel popcorn for varied texture.

If you tire of things easily, the brand also does the occasional limited edition flavor, with previous seasonal creations such as dark chocolate caramel crisp, matcha caramel crisp, and tom yum.


Magi Planet

Photo: Magi Planet/Facebook
Photo: Magi Planet/Facebook

Constantly innovating with new creations, this popcorn shop churns out crispy bites that claim to be GMO-free, trans fat-free, and low in calories. Each perfectly round nub is coated nicely in your seasoning of choice, including good old caramel and crystal salted caramel.

But beyond that, the brand gets creative in its recipes, with unusual flavors like chilli cheese, corn soup, takoyaki, mala, and two new debuts for 2019: milk tea and crispy jerky. So yeah, you can now get your bubble tea fix via popcorn.

Other options include seaweed, kimchi, caramel salted egg, matcha toffee, and peanut butter chocolate.


The Kettle Gourmet

Photo: The Kettle Gourmet/Facebook
Photo: The Kettle Gourmet/Facebook

Popping its way into our hearts since 2017, the homegrown start-up, which began with a little experimentation in a backroom kitchen, is known for its take on local dishes. Leaving the trans fat out of its non-GMO natural popped corn, the snacks come in flavors like cookies and cream or salted caramel, with seasonal options such as bak kwa and Bailey’s.

Meanwhile, Singaporean-inspired creations like chicken rice and teh tarik are available in small packs for you to nibble on when you’re overseas and homesick.

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