4Fingers Crispy Chicken team up with Quorn to offer new vegetarian items that still taste like meat

Quorn Chickless Wings set. Photo: 4Fingers
Quorn Chickless Wings set. Photo: 4Fingers

Let’s be honest here — if you’re a respectable carnivore who can easily down a bucket of wings in one session, you won’t feel guilty about eating meat. But for vegetarians (or at least those wanting to cut down on the deliciously cooked flesh of animals), homegrown fast-food chain 4Fingers Crispy Chicken has some new options that won’t alienate anyone at all.

Well, except really uptight vegans of course — the thought of even stepping into an establishment that made its name from Korean-style fried chicken would be enough to send them hurling their ethically-sourced kombucha.

Thanks to a collaboration with meat substitute giants Quorn, all 4Fingers outlets islandwide now offer meatless entrées that legitimately taste good without compromising on savory taste. In other words, the Quorn Chickless Wings ($8.45 for six pieces à la carte) and Quorn Chickless Nuggets ($6.40 for six, $8.45 for nine à la carte) now available at the outlets taste like actual meat, and not at all like the bland, doughy bits you’d expect from faux meat.

Quorn Chickless Wings. Photo: Coconuts Media
Quorn Chickless Wings. Photo: Coconuts Media

The secret apparently lies in Quorn’s usage of a type of edible fungus called mycoprotein that makes up around 92 percent of Quorn products (egg white, flavoring, herbs, and natural proteins make up the rest). The mycoprotein also helps to create a texture similar to meat, with all its fibrous strands and filaments.

So it came to a surprise that the Chickless Wings — coated in 4Fingers’ signature soy garlic and hot sauce — taste like a regular chicken tender, and a properly flavorsome one at that. The Chickless Nuggets taste meaty enough, but it definitely can’t pass off (or be as great) as McNuggets. Still decent though when dipped in the complementary sriracha and plum dips.

Quorn Chickless Nuggets. Photo: Coconuts Media
Quorn Chickless Nuggets. Photo: Coconuts Media

“We are very excited that 4FINGERS has boldly stepped forward to champion the sustainable protein movement with Quorn by offering a healthier, sustainable and delicious protein option,” enthused Quorn’s Vice President of Marketing in Asia Monique Suryokusomo.

“As both brands join hands to celebrate differences and embrace personal choices, the aim is to reach the younger and more socially conscious consumers as they become increasingly mindful of the impact that their food choices have on the environment; while not necessarily being vegetarian or vegan.”

Semi-adventurous folks interested in trying out the meatless entrées while still wanting some good ol’ wings can always get the Smackers Combo ($10.95), which comes with three Quorn Chickless Wings and three 4Fingers chicken wings with fries and soda.

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