10 signs you grew up in Pasir Ris

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At the end of the green line lies a town by the sea – Pasir Ris. If you grew up there you’ll remember that…


1. Pasir Ris Park was your second home

Football, cycling, rollerblading, kite flying, walking along an often trash-strewn beach, catching longkang fish at Kids Kampong, risking life and limb to climb to the top of the spider web in the playground – you did it all here.

2. You were the barbecue and chalet expert

You were always the kid who lived in “that ulu place”, but when it came to class get-togethers, you ruled.

When it comes to BBQ pits, you’re the man!

3. Nostalgia hits you at the Drive 6 wet market 

Back in the day – when there was an awesome McDonald’s here – the wet market was the centre of daily life in Pasir Ris. This was where you bought all your day-to-day necessities, where you went to see the doctor, where you rented movies and where you bought your toys, games and collectable cards. The smell still brings it all back. 

4. Your family owned lots of fishing gear

If the sea wasn’t enough, you had a massive fishing pond and two rivers at your disposal. Even though there was not much to catch beyond stinging catfish and mud-filled plastic bags, it was enough to have rods, reels and tackle boxes collecting dust in your storeroom.

5. You find yourself missing green spaces

From wide open fields to small jungles that were almost definitely infested with snakes, you grew up surrounded by greenery – greenery that has now mostly been lost to development.

6. NS was always on your mind 

As the pick-up and drop-off point for recruits getting whipped into shape on Tekong, you began to count the days until it was your turn to don No 4, or to wave goodbye to friends, brothers and boyfriends.

​7. You got your thrills at Escape Theme Park

Forget Universal Studios Singapore – nothing compares to the Cadbury Inverter, the Daytona Go- Kart and Wet & Wild log flume. 

USS has nothing on Escape!


8. You have a soft spot for neighbourhood malls

Some might say Pasir Ris still doesn’t have a proper mall – you’ve probably lost count of how many times White Sands has been “revamped” – but Elias Mall, Loyang Point and West Plaza always served their purpose.

9. You lived in Pasir Ris but grew up in Tampines

Like an older brother that got all the good things first, next-door Tampines had the shops, department stores, cinemas, arcades, pool halls and sports facilities you could only dream about.

10. There was always a free seat on the train

Taking a train from the end of the East-West Line meant lengthy commutes to get anywhere, but they’re always made better with plenty of empty seats.


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