Your next food adventure? Tilapia ice cream!

How does tilapia-flavored ice cream sound to you? Thought so. 

Before you judge this fishy flavor, however, know that Daerrys Tilapia Ice Cream recently won the Innovation Gold Award at the local edition of the world’s largest food innovation exhibition — the Salon International de L’Agroalimentaire — held recently at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

The ingredients? Tilapia fillet, all-purpose cream, condensed and fresh milk, chopped walnut, and diced cheese.

According to Dana Vera Cruz (the “Da” in Daerrys), the Central Luzon State University has been developing the technology to create ice cream from tilapia fish fillets without the fishy aftertaste and smell since 2011, reports Asian Dragon Magazine.

Daerrys Tilapia ice cream bested 350 exhibitors from 25 countries at the event.

In true Filipino fashion, the product name Daerrys, was the combination of the proponents’ nicknames, Dana and Terry (the nickname of Dr Tereso A. Abella, CLSU president).

Wait, there’s more!

The tilapia ice cream line is composed of original flavor, tilapia sansrival, tilapia ice cream pops, and tilapia ice cream sandwich.

“If you’re wondering if it’s good, oh it’s really good! Made with cultured tilapia fillets, fresh cow’s milk, nuts, and cheese, this ice cream will make you think it’s just a really good vanilla ice cream! The novelty is in the fact that it is made out of tilapia, and that the texture of the ice cream, when eaten in heaping teaspoons, feels like the flaky texture of cooked tilapia meat,” says Asian Dragon Magazine.

Daerry's Tilapia Ice Cream
PHOTO: Asian Dragon Magazine

Daerrys products will be showcased in the SIAL networks in Paris, Canada, China, Middle East, and Indonesia. It is only available at Chives Cafe at CLSU in Nueva Ecija, at PHP700 per gallon. The sandwiches cost PHP30 each. 

Also known as St. Peter’s fish, tilapia is a favorite in Filipino households. It is usually served fried, grilled or in sour soup called sinigang. It usually looks like this:

tilapia ice cream
Escabecheng tilapia. PHOTO: Wikipedia

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