Elderly vendor tricked with PHP20 bill made to look like PHP50

Photo: Khen Gaa/FB
Photo: Khen Gaa/FB

So not cool.

Facebook user Khen Gaa shared a now-viral post yesterday about an elderly vendor who was tricked when a customer gave her a PHP20 (US$0.38) bill that was made to look like a PHP50 (US$0.96) bill.

“Shout out to the person who paid this, you have no heart, you animal!” Gaa wrote in Filipino. “The elderly woman only sells cigarettes and candy for a living and you still deceived her?!”

The PHP20 and PHP50 bills have very similar colors and can confuse anyone not looking close enough.

The photos Gaa posted show that the bills had been written over with a red marker to make the “2” look like a “5.”

Gaa told Coconuts Manila that the elderly woman sells her goods in front of the Systems Technology Institute (STI) college branch in Caloocan City.

Gaa said he was in the area to pick up his girlfriend and bought a cigarette from the vendor while waiting.

“When I bought my cigarette, I noticed the fake money, so I got curious and asked her what happened,” he said in Filipino.

“She told me someone duped her for something worth a small amount,” he said.

The vendor told him a woman with a child gave her the money when she bought biscuits from her.

“She (vendor) still gave her (customer) some change because she really thought it was PHP50,” he said.

He added that the elderly woman only found out that she was tricked after the culprit left.

The post had over 15,000 reactions and 16,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens were quite angry.

Diane Evangelista Limos wrote in Filipino: “THIS IS TOO MUCH !!!!!”

Photo: Khen Gaa/FB
Photo: Khen Gaa/FB

Arar V Soriano said: “Why are there these kinds of people.”

Photo: Khen Gaa/FB
Photo: Khen Gaa/FB

Jamel Morada said: “[Whoever did that] to the elderly [woman] is heartless.”

Photo: Khen Gaa/FB
Photo: Khen Gaa/FB

Asher Perocho tagged a friend and said: “The nice elderly woman in [STI] was deceived.”

Photo: Khen Gaa/FB
Photo: Khen Gaa/FB

Rochelle Gonzales said that she hoped whoever did that would get bad karma.

Photo: Khen Gaa/FB
Photo: Khen Gaa/FB

People like that are trash, y’all.

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