Woman seen attacking storekeeper in viral video arrested in Cebu City

Medelina Yamazaki attacks Jennifer Fabillar. Photo: Screenshot from video
Medelina Yamazaki attacks Jennifer Fabillar. Photo: Screenshot from video

A woman was arrested yesterday at her home in Cebu City Business Park after she was captured in a viral video that appears to show her attacking and injuring a storekeeper in a mall.

Medelina Yamazaki, 33, a native of Negros Occidental province, allegedly threw several products at the face of store clerk Jennifer Fabillar on Sunday in an altercation witnessed by a crowd of shoppers in Ayala Mall.

The episode occurred at about 7pm after Fabillar told Yamazaki to stop her baby from destroying one of the products displayed in her kiosk, Tempo reported. This enraged Yamazaki, who allegedly threw several products, including a humidifier, at her victim — all while bouncing her infant in a chest harness.

She also accused the storekeeper of touching her child, which Fabillar denied. At one point, Hamazaki even screamed “I will kill you” at Fabillar.

One of Fabillar’s eyes was bleeding after the attack, and she sustained a bruise on her cheek.

Yamazaki was accompanied by her Japanese husband during the altercation, but the latter did not try to stop his wife from hurting Fabillar. After the incident, the Yamazakis left the mall, but Fabillar reported the incident to the police.

Maj. Dindo Alaras, chief of the Mabolo Police Station told SunStar Cebu, that Yamazaki “really caused an injury. If she has complaints about the way the [clerk] was treating her, she should have formally reported it to the management of the fragrance company where she will be entertained and not result in hurting someone and cause a scene.”

Yamazaki, who has been charged with causing physical injuries, maintained she was merely protecting her baby. Meanwhile, Fabillar will be assisted by her employers in filing a case against her attacker. They also promised to pay for her medical bills.

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