Woman runs into husband and his mistress at a jab center, proving that there are hidden dangers to vaccines

Vaccines are humanity’s best hope at getting out of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are still a surprising number of people who avoid the jab for any number of fear-based reasons. Some people think the vaccine will tinker with your DNA (they will not), others think the needle will implant a microchip (it will not), and a sector of otherwise normal-looking adults think vaccines will make you magnetic (what).

In what is, fittingly, a viral post that’s been going around on social media, a man demonstrates one very real danger of getting a vaccine. According to Twitter user @iamtix95, this all-out, chair-flinging brawl happened this way: “Husband told his wife that he could not accompany her for vaccination. So his wife went with her sister. Lo and behold they saw the husband coming in with a girlfriend at the same vaccination center.”


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Look at this epic action sequence unfolding before our very eyes. There’s the furious wife and her indignant sister breathing angry, potentially Covid-laden droplets with their masks pulled down as they confront the cheating cheater of a (soon-to-be-ex-) husband.

There’s the side chick quickly going from defense to WWF-worthy offense, throwing chairs with the same abandon that she apparently has when picking her dates. And lastly, if there’s anything at all to admire about the husband, it’s his commitment to vaccines and to masking protocols—though perhaps the latter might have more to do about hiding his face than to keep safe from Covid-19.

On the sidelines, there are the horrified healthcare workers watching their patients go down hard with some unforeseen side effects. And lastly, there is the unseen cameraman who somehow had the presence of mind to keep documenting all this for posterity.

What’s the lesson here? Well, first of all, don’t cheat. That’s just lame. Second, get vaccinated. We’re not going to use this platform as a bully pulpit like some celebrities did, but seriously, do get vaccinated. But most of all: don’t cheat and get vaccinated on the same day.

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