‘When I stopped the earthquake, they got angry’ : Pastor Quiboloy explains why he didn’t stop Typhoon Kammuri

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, <I>Photo: Fernando G. Sepe Jr., / ABS-CBN News</I>, Typhoon Kammuri, <Photo: PAGASA / Twitter </>
Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, Photo: Fernando G. Sepe Jr., / ABS-CBN News, Typhoon Kammuri,

Kingdom of Jesus church founder and controversial televangelist Apollo Quiboloy yesterday revealed that he didn’t stop Typhoon Kammuri from pummeling the country this week — even though he totally could have, obviously — because his critics got mad when he said he personally halted the Mindanao earthquake back in October.

OK, now that’s on you, haters.

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“When I stopped the earthquake they got angry. A lot of people bashed [me],” Quiboloy said in English and Filipino in a two-minute video that appeared on the Facebook page “Ito Ang Buhay” (“This is Life”), which is run by the pastor’s team.

The self-proclaimed “Appointed Son of God” and personal friend of President Rodrigo Duterte said he thought of stopping Kammuri, but hesitated for fear of getting people riled up again.

“Maybe if I stopped the typhoon they’ll get angry again,” Quiboloy said, “So I just left it be. I just prayed that the typhoon will pass.”

Quiboloy’s statement came after yet another comedian goaded the pastor earlier this week to stop the tropical cyclone in its tracks. TV host and talent manager Ogie Diaz made the appeal on Facebook on Tuesday, saying in Filipino and English, “Pastor Quiboloy, please tell #BagyongTisoy [Kammuri’s local name] to ‘Stop!'”

“Or are [your powers] just exclusive to earthquakes?” he added.

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Now that Kammuri has moved out of the country, leaving at least 17 dead and a massive PHP667 million (US$13 million) worth of agricultural damage in its wake, the televangelist said people should focus on helping the victims of the typhoon.

He also noted that calamities like these happen pretty regularly now — not because of global warming or anything like, but because, well, it’s Judgment Day, bitches!

“This is the day of the Lord,” Quiboloy said. “There are pockets of judgments everywhere, let’s pray that we are ready, that we are given protection by the heavens.”

The controversial televangelist — who was briefly detained in Hawaii last year because his own “pockets of judgment” were found to be stuffed with illegal guns and cash — said that the only thing that can’t be stopped is his need to help people.

“What won’t be stopped is our desire to help our countrymen, that’s my vow to our father in heaven,” Quiboloy said.

“If we can help our countryman, there’s no qualification. We don’t need to ask if you’re a basher or persecutor; if you need help, we will help you.”

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