‘What is acceptable in our culture is NOT in most parts of the world’: Maggie Wilson speaks out against toxic masculinity

Images: Maggie Wilson
Images: Maggie Wilson

Host, model, and former beauty queen Maggie Wilson has constantly filled headlines the past year as she deals with legal proceedings initiated by her estranged husband, real estate mogul Victor Consunji, who filed adultery charges against her.

Consunji also welcomed a baby daughter with his girlfriend, Rachel Carrasco, in April.

The online personality took to Instagram and bared her thoughts on “toxic patriarchal society,” which she said has led to her losing some people she thought were her friends.

Maggie shared that these former friends advised her to stay in the marriage, despite being wronged, so that she could maintain her “comfortable” life.

The former beauty queen has accused her husband of cheating on her multiple times.

“Over the past year and a half, I have lost many opportunities, work, time, and people I once thought were my friends. All because I made a decision I believed was best for me. It’s unbelievable how many people advised, even tried to convince me to stay because my life was ‘comfortable’,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo she posted yesterday.

“An ex-friend, who once called me ‘family,’ said, ‘Oh, but it’s normal for men to behave that way (ganyan naman talaga mga lalaki); it’s just how it is. What’s important is that he still comes home to you. Just pray na lang.’ I almost choked on my water, hearing her say that. That type of behavior should NEVER be normalized. We live in a toxic patriarchal society where women must endure because a particular image needs to be portrayed.” she continued.

Maggie explained that true masculinity is defined differently in other countries, which reject outdated, toxic versions of the concept.

“What is seen as acceptable in our culture and society is NOT in most parts of the world. True masculinity involves emotional intelligence, respect, authenticity, responsibility, accountability, and, most importantly, non-violence and rejection of toxic behaviors. It is not about how big, strong, rich, and powerful you think you are.”

Maggie added that, when she decided to leave the marriage and fight back against her husband’s charges, “the people I once thought had my back, whom I had so much respect for, disappeared.”

“There is such a thing as blind loyalty. It is crucial to balance loyalty with critical thinking, ethical considerations, and recognizing when a situation or relationship may no longer be healthy or aligned with one’s values. However, some people choose to be blind. They don’t want to get involved because they are too scared to speak up or to lose what the other person “provides’ them, and instead, they look the other way,” she said, adding that this applied to friendships, romantic, business, and professional relationships.

The beauty queen’s outspoken post earned praise and support from her followers.

“Such a brave momma! Keep fighting and stay strong,” one wrote.

“‘That type of behaviour should NEVER be normalized.’ 🙌🏻 Yass 👑. I love you Maggie,” another said.


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