WATCH: Snake slithers in Tacloban airport

Photo: Screenshot from Leon Quintos Añover Facebook video.

Waiting in Philippine airports is almost never a pleasant experience, what with the overcrowding, lack of facilities, and flight delays, but some passengers waiting in the Tacloban City airport’s departure area got an extra inconvenience on Sunday when they found a snake slithering on the floor.

The incident was captured by Facebook user Leon Quintos Añover who uploaded videos on the social media platform that very day.

His first video now has close to 141,000 views while his re-upload of the same video has 55,000 views.

In them, the snake can be seen making its way under the seats where passengers waiting for their flights were seated. Visibly scared, some people even stood on top of the seats to avoid the snake.

However, others were also amused  — some even laughing — and took the time to take snaps of the animal.

In a Facebook message to Coconuts Manila, Añover said the snake’s surprise appearance happened while he was waiting for his 8pm flight to Cebu.

“Of course, I was surprised and wondered why there was a snake inside the airport’s boarding area. That’s why I recorded the video, ” he said in Filipino.

But don’t worry, Añover said the snake was only on the loose for about 5 minutes.

In another video Añover posted, airport staff can be seen capturing the snake inside a black garbage bag.

Phew, that was close!

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