WATCH: Pinoy brothers re-imagine the Amazon Alexa as a Filipino aunt

Photo: Screenshot via Frost and Ken Facebook page
Photo: Screenshot via Frost and Ken Facebook page

Here’s something you never thought you needed but will surely love.

Los Angeles-based Filipino brothers Kevin (nicknamed Frost) and Ken Francisco shared on their joint Facebook page a now-viral video that shows what a virtual assistant would be like if it were a Filipino tita (aunt).

Posted on Saturday, the video’s caption reads: “Alexa who?! Titas in stores now! Available at your local Sari-Sari store, Toys R’ Us participating Seafood City and some Walmart [outlets].”

The brothers are referring to the Amazon Alexa, smart speakers that serve as a virtual assistant, similar to the iPhone’s Siri.

The duo’s video is hilarious, showing that Tita is way sassier than Alexa. It’s got the spunk of a Filipino aunt who has no problem saying that you’ve gained weight during family reunions.

In the video, Tita comically greets the brothers just like how restaurant staff in the Philippines do.

“Hello ma’am sir,” it goes.

At one point, Kevin asks Tita to get him a girlfriend, to which it replies: “You don’t need a girlfriend, you should be focusing on your studies.”

Classic response, Tita.

In another scenario, Kevin can be seen rushing to the bathroom only to find out that they’re out of toilet paper.

“Tita, could you please add toilet paper to the shopping list, please?” he says.

Tita answers: “You don’t need toilet paper, use a tabo (small bucket).”

In the Philippines, it’s common to have a tabo for cleansing, bathing, and sometimes, cleaning the bathroom floor. It’s honestly a very handy tool.

In another scene, Ken asks Tita to add working out to his to-do list, to which Tita replies: “Ok. I will, after you pray the rosary.”

Ken, confused, says he didn’t add praying to his list of things to do, but Tita cuts him off: “You must pray the rosary, susmaryosep (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph).”

Susmaryosep is a common term used by Pinoys to express feelings of anger, frustration, or disbelief.

One more scene that gets people giggling is when Kevin asks Tita about the weather.

“It’s sunny, stay inside, you’re going to get dark,” Tita says.

Sad, but very relatable.

Towards the end of the video, Ken asks Tita to play him a song. Tita obliges by singing Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, the most tita song ever.

Ken told Coconuts Manila through Facebook messenger that the Tita video was the first Filipino-themed video they’ve made since they started creating video content earlier this year.

He shared that while it is called Tita, he feels the scenes mimick Filipino aunts, moms, and grandmas alike.

“It was awesome to find out that so many Filipinos around the world could relate,” Ken added.

The brothers’ video has gained over 271,000 views and 3,600 shares as of this article’s posting.

Netizens clearly loved the video:

Facebook user Eric Espina wrote: “HAHAHHAHA THE first thing she (Tita) says”

Keziah Mortiz tagged a friend and wrote: “I AM CRYING [OUT OF LAUGHTER]”

Another user by the name Jeremiah Santos asked a friend: “[Are] you going to get one of these?”

Cai Barias seemed to say “Alexa who?”

“[This is] much more fun than your Alexa,” she told a friend.

“Friend, we need this for our roadtrip,” Gui Llan told a friend in Filipino.

Giselle Ching tagged a friend and said in Filipino: “This is what I’ll buy!”

Ah, Tita, you’d make a perfect Christmas present this holiday season — if only you were real.


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