WATCH: Dating class teaches Filipino men that some women want to be forced to have sex

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “How are so many men rude to women in the exact same way,” here’s one reason.

On Monday, Facebook user Marlina Santiago Campos shared a video of a class held by Pick-up Artists (PUA) Academy, a dating company that has been under fire in the past weeks after misogynistic conversations some of its members had were made public.

In the video below, you’ll see the PUA Academy CEO called “Smooth” (Yes, our eyes are rolling too) explain to his students that if a woman says she doesn’t want you to touch her, you just gotta, y’know, force them until they’re OK with it.

He starts with a play-by-play of what men should do once they get to a hotel room with a woman and even advised them to memorize a routine.

Apparently, one of the “benefits” of those who opt for one-on-one training with Smooth is that they can contact him as much as they want until they get laid. Smooth even says in the video that some have texted him while in bed with a woman to calm their nerves and ask for tips.

Alex Castro, founder of the organization Youth Against Sexual Harassment (YASH), told GMA News that men enrolled in the program also need to post a “lay report” on the PUA Academy Facebook group that had more than 21,000 members.

While that in itself would bother people and is disturbingly similar to that Black Mirror episode with Jon Hamm, it gets worse. Smooth says on the video in mixed English and Filipino:

“[U]ntil you get to a point where there’s a ‘push-pull.’ When you’re pushing and pulling on the bed, you’ll see if she’s into you already. But if she says, ‘Don’t touch me,’ like that, it also depends. Some girls just play hard to get. They want domineering [men]. Dominant guys, so that the guilt is with you, not them. It’s like [they think] ‘Why did I give it up right away.’ It’s better if you’re the one at fault, like, ‘It’s because you forced me, that’s why something happened.’ Something like that, right. That’s why they like being forced. Then, there are other women that are like ‘Go, fuck me already.'”

YASH earlier posted on Facebook screencaps of conversations between PUA Academy members sharing tips on how they tricked women into having sex with them. Some also shared nude photos and sex videos of women. YASH’s Facebook page has since been taken down but by then, people had already seen the screencaps.

PUA Academy’s Facebook page has also been taken down.

Hate to break it to you, boys, but to reference a mid-2000s romantic comedy: If she’s not sleeping with you, she’s just not that into you.

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