Viral: Man tricks Jollibee delivery guy into being late to get PHP200 voucher

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This guy deliberately tricked a low-paid fastfood delivery guy so he could get PHP200 (USD 4.50) off his bill.

And he had the gall to brag about it online.

“Jay Bee” confessed on Facebook that he waylayed Jollibee’s delivery guy so he could take advantage of the fastfood chain’s policy to award customers PHP200 worth of gift certificates if their order is not delivered within 20 minutes. 

So Jay Bee made sure the delivery was late. How? By ignoring the calls of his building receptionist until, literally, the last minute.

By the time the delivery guy was buzzed in and at his doorstep, the poor guy was technically late.

“Call me a terror,” he bragged. “They guaranteed a delivery within 20 mintues but now they’re late by a minute. Hahahaha.”

Jay Bee was apparently awarded the PHP200 voucher, as he wrote that had to pay only PHP66 for his burger, spaghetti, fries and sundae. 

When a Facebook friend reminded Jay Bee that the PHP200 will come out of the pocket of the minimum wage earner — that Jollibee will not absorb that cost — he laughed some more.

Naturally, the interwebz raised its arms in protest. But even as the story went viral, Jay Bee was unrepentant. 

“To my fans all over the world, thank you for making me popular. I am hoping this story reaches Ellen DeGeneres so she can ask me on her show. She only invites popular people,” he wrote.

As a sign of respect to his bashers, he said, “here’s what I have to say.”

Jay Bee

Jollibee has yet to issue a statement about the incident. UPDATE: Jollibee releases statement to Coconuts Manila regarding delivery incident. Click here to read.

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