VIRAL: Girl dancing Momoland’s ‘Bboom Bboom’ in class gives only good vibes

This dancing girl brings a lot of extra in her routine. Screenshot from the video.

It’s been a crazy week so far in the Philippines, with news of politicians getting killed and testosterone-fuelled basketball players brawling. So this viral video of a girl dancing her heart out to K-pop group Momoland’s hit Bboom Bboom is a welcome shift to positive vibes.

Posted by Vanessa Marasigan on Tuesday, the video shows her mother’s student working out in Wellness class. It’s been shared almost 30,000 times as of today.

Wrote Marasigan in Filipino: “I’m going to give you some good vibes [laughing emoji]! She’s being asked to dance because it’s required in school and then they played Bboom Bboom.”

Adds Marasigan: “She’s a student of my mom, hahahaha. She’s only Grade 1. She dances better than I do.”

As expected, the adults loved her.

“This kid is so good, so active. I want an autograph,” wrote Sorriah Ferrer.”

“And that’s just the first day of school,” wrote Alexis Valdez.

Je Ben tagged some of her friends and asked, “Anyone want to compete with her??”

Bboom Bboom has become the hottest song in the country these past few months. According to online chatter, the song became a hit on Spotify because Momoland’s numerous Filipino fans kept streaming the tune non-stop.

Yet Bboom Bboom is just the latest in a long line of songs that have captured Filipinos’ fancy. There are global dance hits such as The Ketchup Song (Asereje) and Macarena and then local novelty song Otso-Otso.

Just like Bboom Bboom, these songs had special dance steps people loved to learn and were popular in school presentations.

If that sounds odd, it’s actually quite normal in the Philippines, where children are expected to perform in public, from birthdays to Christmas parties and even random family reunions.

And if these kids are lucky, one of the adults in those events might just shoot a video, and they’ll become an internet star overnight.

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