VIRAL: Elderly man subtly helps someone short on cash in grocery store

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Ahh, our hearts are full with this nugget of kindness from social media.

Yesterday, Twitter user Celina Calvento (@BiteMe_Celina10) shared a now-viral Twitter thread of how an elderly man subtly helped a guy short on cash in a grocery store in Boni, Mandaluyong City.

On her post, she said that she saw the guy counting his money outside the grocery store. She told Coconuts Manila it happened last night around 7:30pm and that the man was counting a couple of PHP20s (US$0.37) and one PHP50 bill (US$0.92).

She added in the post: “He kept scratching his head. He asked the guard ‘[H]ow much again?’ [The] [g]uard answered him. He didn’t say anything back. Just counted again.”

Calvento learned that the money was for powdered milk.

She wrote in the thread: “I wanted to give him money, and asked the guard to give it to him. He said, ‘He won’t take it, ma’am. I also tried to give him [money].'”

That’s when an elderly man asked Calvento if he could try giving the money.

Calvento obliged and gave him the PHP400 (US$7.37) she tried handing the man.

She said in another tweet: “He folded the money. Went to the man. Bent down, [t]apped his back and said to him: ‘This fell from you[r pocket]’ while handing him the folded bills.”

The man replied that the money wasn’t his, but the elderly man said: “I saw that this was from you. It fell, but it’s for you.”

Finally, the man took the money, said thank you and went inside the grocery store.

“The old man looked at me and smiled. My heart is bursting. The old man understood there should be dignity in helping. And he gave the man that.”

Calvento told Coconuts that she was initially going to give up after trying once.

“I’ll be very honest. Before that, I think it was enough that we have this urge to help. When the guard said he didn’t want help, I was ready to walk away.”

“The old man, on the other hand, had another level of understanding the situation: Dignity in giving or helping,” she added.

“I learned last night what real giving should be,” she ended.

The first tweet had over 19,000 likes and 8,000 retweets as of this article’s posting. Netizens thought the whole incident was heartwarming:

“Im so touched…i cried,” said @dhinz88.

@VaEulin said: “Can I cry? Wait. I just did.”

“[This] [m]ade my day,” said @King_JohnSnow.

@bantaybayan101 said there are a lot of people who experience situations much worse than this which isn’t seen every day. “Thank you for sharing [the story].”

“This is soo touching. It should make us feel grateful on what we do have as there are sooo many people out there who are really struggling in life. God Bless the hearts of those who are so helpful,” Twitter user @cecile_fajardo wrote.

Brb, our tears are about to fall.

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