VIRAL: 92-year-old woman orders food straight from delivery guy, he obliges and helps her out

Photo: Maris Mayol Tian Facebook page
Photo: Maris Mayol Tian Facebook page

This may just be the sweetest thing you’ll see on your feed today.

Facebook user Maris Mayol Tian posted today a heart-warming scene she saw when she ordered breakfast from fast-food chain Jollibee.

The Bacolod City resident wrote that after her order was delivered, her 92-year-old neighbor called over the delivery man from across the street. The reason? She wanted to order some food too.

The woman proceeded to order spaghetti and macaroni soup, not realizing that she had to call the delivery hotline first.

Cute lola (grandma) alert.

“I honestly thought he would just ignore her, laugh and be on his way, but he actually took out his own cellphone, dialed a number, and ordered for her!!!” exclaimed Tian in her post.

Photo: Maris Mayol Tian Facebook page
Photo: Maris Mayol Tian Facebook page

The photo shows her neighbor and the delivery guy whom she identified as Elpegie Palmares Sicor ordering for the woman using his phone.

Tian shared that she doesn’t actually know the old woman’s name, but said they refer to her as Nanay. Nanay literally means mother but it is also used as a sign of respect.

“Not a lot of people show kindness and pay attention to old people, but this guy did and I think that is very commendable and heartwarming,” she said of the encounter.

Tian added that Sicor reached out to her through Facebook Messenger after the post went viral.  She told Coconuts: “He was praised at work by his manager and his co-workers. He said thank you. He can’t explain the feeling, [he’s just] very humble.”

The Facebook post now has over 86,000 likes and 14,000 shares. Netizens echoed Tian’s sentiments and praised Sicor for the touching gesture.

Facebook user Sheryl Osmeña-Borromeo said: “That is the sweetest!”

Wrote Patricia Gispert: “[T]he driver had compassion and that’s really commendable.”

Jigs Jimenez said: “GG (good game) delivery guy. [F]aith in humanity restored.”

Eva Cuenza wrote: “[The] grandma is so cute.”

Fritzel Cadorna Tabaque said in English and Filipino: [K]udos to this accommodating Delivery Man. He should be given an award as a good employee.”

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