Tricycle drivers get into fistfight over a parking slot, end hostilities with a handshake

Photo: ABS-CBN News

Bros, why not talk it out first before getting mad?

Two tricycle drivers ended up getting into a fist fight in Manila after an argument over parking and queueing at a terminal on Thursday, GMA News’ Balitambayan reported yesterday.

The CCTV camera of Barangay (village) 306 in Quiapo, Manila captured the whole incident, the report added.

Village councilperson Jay Dowell told GMA News’ television show 24 Oras that the older driver threw the first punch, while the other driver retaliated.

According to the younger driver, he only wanted to park at the terminal but the other driver, a senior citizen, said that the former had cut in front of him in line earlier.

Fortunately, the two made up, shook hands and apologized to each other in front of the television crew of 24 Oras.

Well done burying the hatchet at least, gentlemen.

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