Kid gets free Jollibee after video attempting to eat Chickenjoy poster goes viral 

Screenshot from Yna Devera’s Facebook page.

Craving satisfied?

Those who have ever tried the Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee know that the Chickenjoy is its pièce de résistance. So it’s no wonder a video of a boy trying to “eat” the fried chicken dish off a signage went viral this week.

The video, shared by Yna Devera on Monday, features her 2-year-old cousin, Vince Harvey Quesada outside a Jollibee branch in Pangasinan reaching over a photo of Chickenjoy and pretending to chomp on a drumstick.

We’ve all been there, kid.

In a Facebook message to Coconuts Manila, Devera recounted how the viral video came to be.

It was 5:45am on a Sunday and their family was waiting for Jollibee to open at 6am. Seemingly unable to wait, Vince Harvey started to play around with the Jollibee signage, a moment his mom and aunt decided to capture in a video, which Devera uploaded on Facebook.

Good thing she did because after going viral (Now with over 3.6 million views!), Devera said that a representative from Jollibee reached out to them on Tuesday and said that they would send buckets of Chickenjoy to Vince Harvey.

Free Chickenjoy? So lucky.

Vince Harvey received the treat on Wednesday when crew members of the Jollibee branch they visited delivered the fried chicken to their home.

Someone make this kid an endorser stat.

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