Fictitious events like ‘Suntukan Sa Ace Hardware’ are the new memes

Who’s attending the “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware”?

More than 30,000 people have signed up for Apr 15 event. The thing is, it’s not a real event, someone just made it up on the Interwebz. 

Created by “Mr. Balagbag: Tuberong Kulay Green,” it’s gone viral, with hundreds of Facebook users posting polls and challenges on the event page.

One of the posts pokes fun at Baron Geisler, a celebrity notorious for getting into bar fights. There were also posts about anime characters and ring girls. Netizens are even asking for tickets on the official Ace Hardware Facebok page

People are actually asking Ace Hardware for tickets to the event. PHOTO: Facebook/Ace Hardware


That’s not the only fictitious event cropping up on Facebook, though.

You may wish to attend other equally puzzling imaginary brawls. There’s “Rambulan sa Ozine” on Apr 15, and  “Banatan ang mga Swagg, Fuckboi at Breezy sa EDSA corner Shaw,tapat ng Shang!” on Apr 30. 

But if violence is not your thing, there’s “Group Study sa SOGO hotel” also on Apr 30.

Yup, fake events are the new Internet memes in the Philippines. 

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