With a short video, China takes fight about West PH Sea to Times Square

When it comes to making a point about “their” territory, it looks like the Chinese government has thousands of dollars to burn. 

A three-minute publicity video about China’s claim to the West Philippine Sea has been repeatedly shown at Times Square in New York City to give tourists a quick lesson on history and geography, the Chinese way. 

The video premiered on the Square’s 240-square-meter “China Screen” last Sat, Jul 23. 

It may be recalled that an international arbitration court has ruled in favor of the Philippines’ arguments for maritime entitlements over the West Philippine Sea.

We’re wondering if people are actually taking notice of the film. After all, it has to compete with a full city block of video screens, wallscapes, sky murals and digital billboards. 

The video states that China “is the first to have continuously, peacefully and effectively excercised sovereignity and jurisdiction over Nanhai Zhudao (the South China Sea islands) and relevant waters.”

It features foreign officials who are giving their opinions about the dispute. 

“John Ross, who is named as “former Policy director of Economic and Business Policy of London,” is also the former leader of a former international Marxist group leader and currently a frequent contributor for China Daily,” Buzzfeed News World reports. 

Ross said that “arbitration is between two parties who want to participate. You can’t have arbitration if one side says it doesn’t participate.” China refused to participate in the arbitration and insisted on bilateral negotiations.

Masood Khalid, Pakistan’s ambassador to China, shared Ross’ opinion. 

According to a report from state news agency CRI, the video will be played 120 times per day in Tims Square from July 23 to August 3,2016

The rent for the screens screens ranged from USD300,000 to USD400,000 a month back in 2011.

If you are still interested in watching, here’s the full video. 


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