Scandal! Pampanga priest accused of having affair with married woman

Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Jomarc Cala/Unsplash
Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Jomarc Cala/Unsplash

A priest in Pampanga has become the subject of a viral video after a man accused him of having an affair with his wife, prompting the provincial archbishop to sanction the clergyman.

Pampanga Archbishop Florentino Lavarias told the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday that the said priest, whose name has been withheld, was removed from his parish. Lavarias also told the priest that the latter could only celebrate Mass in the privacy of his own home, and not in public.

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A video circulating on YouTube showed a man confronting the priest at the latter’s parish social hall. The man slammed his family portrait in front of the priest, and told him that one of the 10 Commandments said that “thou shall not covet they neighbor’s wife.” The priest apologized repeatedly to the man, but the latter became even more emotional and said the clergyman was a “snake.”

The son of the man, who witnessed the whole drama, threatened the priest he could be investigated for having an affair with his mother. His mother was also at the social hall but was quiet during the confrontation.


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