Sack with chopped up human body parts dumped in front of Senate

If this isn’t scary, then we don’t know what is — and in front of the Senate building in Pasay City at that.

At around 5am on Wed, Jun 8, a street vendor named Miniano Samarra was sweeping up the area where he was going to set up his wares when he noticed a white sack beside the center island. Samarra opened the sack and was shocked to find human body parts that had been chopped up.

Samarra immediately sought the help of the police.

“Responding policemen saw that the sack contained chopped up arms and legs. They suspect that the victim was killed in a different area and the body parts were only dumped there,” report Raffy Santos and Henry Atuelan on

The cops, though, are now having a difficulty identifying the victim since the other body parts are missing. Pending a forensic exam, they are also “not discounting the possibility that the arms and legs they recovered were from different individuals.”

Police are now trying to get possible CCTV footage in the area to help piece together the mystery behind the chopped up body parts.

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