Reporter Doris Bigornia powers through as scene-stealing cat fight ensues during live interview

Cats have no chill? Doesn’t matter. Doris Bigornia is chill-est. <i>Screengrab via Nikki Bigornia / Twitter</i>
Cats have no chill? Doesn’t matter. Doris Bigornia is chill-est. Screengrab via Nikki Bigornia / Twitter

Gather round cool kittens, this is how much the internet loves you.

Veteran journalist Doris Bigornia looked unfazed, or at the very least tried to keep it together during a live interview, just as two of her scene-stealing cats launched into an onscreen scuffle. Social media, on the other hand, was all too pleased about it.

Bigornia was talking to Ayala Land Malls President Jennylle Tupaz late last week on ABS-CBN’s digital show Teleradyo about quarantine guidelines just as Metro Manila transitioned into the modified enhanced community quarantine.

But you’re forgiven for not paying attention to what’s being said, especially after a smokey tabby and fluffy white feline aggressively launched into a fight just behind Bigornia, pawing out spirited slaps left and right, until they tumbled off the bookcase and off the screen.

Bigornia would give intermittent side glances as the 12-second onscreen catfight went on, but kept her composure throughout, and continued the interview after her feline overlords left the convo.

It turns out the now internet-famous cats were her daughter’s, Nikki Bigornia, who owned up to the entertaining episode when she said, in all caps, “MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL.”

The 54-year-old journalist retweeted her daughter’s post, addressing the cats and said, “CHILDREN! We have rules in the studio!”

The internet, meanwhile, gave Bigornia props for her composure. Her decades-long stint as a field reporter and news presenter has earned her the title  “Muse of the Masses.”

Twitter users like @CzarinaCenteno wrote, “Ma’am Doris is used to people figuring into a brawl behind her while she’s reporting live…She’s one of a kind, [our] muse of the masses.”

Photo: Doris Bigornia / Twitter

User @chie_trek joked about delivering the news with feline-peppered puns, “Meanwhile, two cats were found violating social distancing, and the public is reminded to maintain the fish and order situation in their areas. We’re going live with a few to take their side on the matter.”

Photo: Doris Bigornia / Twitter



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