Film director Mike de Leon issues statement against BBM

Reclusive film director Mike de Leon today released a statement against Senator Bongbong Marcos, who is running for vice-president in the coming May 9 national elections.

Distributed on Facebook video, De Leon’s words were superimposed on a photo that shows a young Bongbong Marcos whispering into his father, the late dictator Ferdinand’s ear while, beside them, Imelda has covered her right eye with her right hand — a Marcosian version of “speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil” perhaps?

De Leon’s statement: “Iniisip ng maraming Pilipino, ang anak ay ‘di tulad ng ama. Pero isipin natin ito: Kung ano ang puno, siya ang bunga. Bakit natin itatanim uli?”

In other words, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

While the 69-year-old director never made movies directly about martial law, some of his critically acclaimed works like Batch ’81, Kisapmata and Sister Stella L were set in that millieu.

De Leon’s last movie was Bayaning Third World in 1999.

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