Privacy problems? Naked guy pops onscreen during Pasig Mayor Sotto’s Zoom talk

<i>Photo: Screen grab from Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines/ FB</i>
Photo: Screen grab from Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines/ FB

You know how video communications giant Zoom was recently in hot water over security issues, then publicly apologized, claiming that they will fix the problem? Well, it seems the problem has reached even Philippine public officials’ turf.

Pinoy netizens are having a hoot over a live video stream hosted by the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) who were yesterday conversing with experts and public officials on the state of the Luzon lockdown— that was until a photo of a naked man popped up on screen while Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto was speaking.

This photo, to be exact, flashes around the 15-minute mark on the live video posted below, which appeared to have strayed in a split-second onto the conference from a different user account.

Screengrab via FOCAP’s livestream / FB

The Pasig City Mayor was in the middle of answering a question about how the lockdown will be implemented in his city if stricter measures are in place.

He said, “Definitely, we will not shut down establishments that are selling food and other necessary….”  (*Image pops*) “…necessarily, necessary supplies…”

The 30-year-old mayor paused for a few seconds, briefly chuckled, then recovered his train of thought.

“It will be more chaotic [if we halt food supply]. That will cause a lot of social unrest,” he said in English and Filipino.

Well, there’s already a lot of social unrest happening on Facebook and Twitter from the meme-worthy incident alone.

On FOCAP’s live comments, several people were in stitches and had to express themselves creatively in the comments, with user Mae Bañares saying, “[T]hat will cost a lot of social undressed.” While Christian Crisostomo added, “Vico’s chuckle says it all,” and one Jerricho Kingsley Swift rounded it off by saying, “EVERYONE WAS SHOOKED”

Photo: FOCAP / FB

On Twitter meanwhile, users like @Komiks13 said, “What happened to this FOCAP interview…? Did it get hi-jacked?”

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This definitely isn’t the first time that the young mayor— who’s no stranger to the spotlight —has made waves on social media. Earlier this month, Sotto’s name trended on Twitter twice: once after he was attacked by Duterte ally Mocha Uson, and another when the National Bureau of Investigation summoned him over an alleged violation of the COVID-19 quarantine law.

Sotto’s many recorded efforts to help his constituents deal with the ongoing quarantine made him somewhat of a folk hero among netizens. The son of showbiz personalities Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, Vico was elected mayor in 2019, toppling incumbent mayor Robert Eusebio and ending the 27-year mayoralty rule of the latter’s dynasty in Pasig.

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