Police assures ‘zombie attack’ in Bukidnon village is physical assault by real person

Screenshot taken from Train to Busan. For illustrative purposes only.
Screenshot taken from Train to Busan. For illustrative purposes only.

Police authorities in Valencia City, Bukidnon had to clear the air and debunk rumors of a “zombie attack” that happened last week in the village of Tungan-tungan that turned out to be a rather unusual case of physical assault by an individual perpetrator.

Social media went wild over a gruesome incident where a 30-year-old male had been mauled and his eyes gouged with two fingers.

The victim, who survived the harrowing assault, told authorities that the suspect, a 25-year-old male, also bit his fingers and sucked his blood.

Police said that the assault happened past midnight, when the victim heard someone yelling outside his home.

He went out and found the suspect naked and running away, as the latter was being chased, and attacked the victim. Police alleged that the assault was triggered by a domestic spat between the suspect and his partner earlier in the day.

Police immediately arrested the suspect and detained him at the Valencia City police station.

Although the suspect has had a history of drug abuse, he denied that he was under the influence of illegal drugs, and insisted that he was merely drunk at the time.

While the disturbing case clearly has the makings of a B-horror movie, police assured the public that this was a single act committed by an individual — and not by a rising zombie army.

Authorities also reminded people to verify information shared on social media, and refrain from spreading exaggerated stories. So, maybe cool it on the zombie binge-watching?

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