PNP commends police officer who helped deliver baby in tricycle

Photo: Xtian Bautista/FB

What a guy, this cop.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) yesterday commended a police officer who helped deliver a baby inside a tricycle in Davao City.

A post from PNP’s official Facebook page says in Filipino: “Snappy salute for PO2 Delta Villamor of the Bunawan Police Station [in] Davao City for his immediate action for someone who needed help!”

According to GMA News’ Balitambayan, a pregnant woman named Lorena Mae Hugo took a tricycle to visit her doctor for an appointment on Thursday, but she started feeling contractions before arriving at her destination.

The report added that residents in the area sought help and, luckily, a few cops quickly responded to the emergency, one of whom was Villamor.

Villamor is reportedly a registered nurse. “I went outside and I got my medical kit from my bag and I wore my gloves, then I went to the woman,” Villamor told GMA News’ 24 Oras in a mix of English and Filipino.

Hugo didn’t have an easy time giving birth because, aside from being stuck inside the tricycle, it was a breech birth (in which the baby’s feet emerge first, instead of the head as in normal deliveries).

Still, it ended successfully with the help of Villamor, the report added. Both the mother and the infant boy were later brought to the hospital.

Villamor isn’t expecting any sort of payment — he just wants to be the ninong (godfather) of the baby boy, he told GMA News’ 24 Oras.

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