Pinoy rock news: The Pin-Up Girls return as The Pin-Ups

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UPDATE (DEC 8): Because of Typhoon Ruby, The Pin-Ups had to suspend their single and video launch from Dec 8 to Dec 29. Still 8pm, still at Craft BGC, Taguig.
“Essentially, The Pin-Ups is a new band. Only Ryan Nachura and myself remain from the original line-up,” clarifies Mondo Castro the lead vocalist of both bands.

You might know Pin-Up Girls best for their super awesome video “Down,” featuring Mylene Dizon, Angela Velez, Angel Aquino, and Clara Balaguer and directed by Quark Henares and Diego Castillo, them of, among others, Rakenrol fame.

The last time the band released new material was in 2008 and then radio silence. So it’s such a surprise to get a message from the band’s lead vocalist Mondo Castro, telling us that yasss! They’re cooking something up — a free single with a video to boot, which will be made available before the year ends.

The band will be launching “Can’t Stand Waiting Here” on Dec 8 at Craft Rock and Grill. We speak to Mondo ahead of the event.

It’s been awhile, Mondo!
Yes, the last single release was “Round She Goes” back in 2008. It was part of Jam 88.3 countdown. Our last album was “All Seats are Taken” in 2006.

So what’s new since then?
There’s the change in our line-up. Mitch Singson gradually left. Raffy Bonifacio used to fill for Mitch until he finally took over. Jeng Tan left for the States.

We were also one of the winners of Apl D Ap’s MTV Emerge contest that turn out to be a scam of sorts. They had on-line voting, live performances judged by celebrities but nothing came out of it. His handler said he refuses to answer questions about that.

Oh, we’re sorry to hear that.
He claims to be a supporter of Filipino music but dropped the 7 bands like a hot potato. Anyway, there was a time I contemplated on calling it a day. I prayed about it and then received a calling to write songs for God. And then everything fell into place. We got actress and host Hiyasmin Neri to sing and play guitar for us, and then we found Hazel Silvestre to play bass.

So would you say you guys are now, Christian rock?
Well, that’s a weird label, so we don’t really want to be associated with that. Besides, one of our members is Catholic.

Okay, got it. We just noticed the name change. When did this happen, and why?
Essentially, The Pin-Ups is a new band. Only Ryan Nachura and I remain from the original line-up. Though when we were still with The Pin-Up Girls, people were calling us The Pin-Ups. In hindsight, it was most probably an organic process of shortening the name. I thought of using The Pin-Ups as we haven’t released anything under that name.

How would you say the industry has changed since 2006?
We were never in the thick of things, despite being signed to an indie label in the states. The band was always on the fringes so I cannot truly gauge it. However, technology has progressed since then, which has enabled people to create more music, more platforms, etc. I think from a perspective of an indie band, the state of music now is a double-edged sword. If you know where to look, you will find buried treasure. Conversely, kids can easily just lay back and let the mainstream feed them garbage…then again, that was what was happening back then! Ha ha ha!

The Pin-Ups Poster

Can you tell us more about your new song?
I usually hesitate to ‘label’ the tunes that I write for the sole reason that songs, when released, can and/or will belong to someone else based on how it speaks to him or her. But in the case, I want the message clear. The song is about despair, hopelessness, even angel one can feel living in this world. It is also about the hope of being taken by the Lord into his grace.

And the music video? Will it be in the same tradition as ‘Down,’ the one made by Quark and Diego?
That video is pure genius! But this is a new band for all intents and purposes. The vision is different from the old band. For “Can’t Stop Waiting,” we’ll have Johnny Depp and Weng Weng in it! It’s directed by Mark Villaflor, who is an old buddy of mine and the only one willing to do pro-bono. Seriously, Mark and Paolo Jamisola are extremely talented and we are lessed to be working with them!

Does this mean The Pin-Ups will be much more visible in the scene? That there will be a new album out soon?
We hope so! As long as there are channels like you who support independent bands, it’s not far from happening. The album is the grand plan. The songs are ready. Now all we need is a rich, old guy with money to burn.

“Can’t Stand Waiting Here” video and single launch: 8pm, Dec 29 2014, Craft Rock and Grill Unit E, The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City. Free. This story first appeared on Coconuts Manila.

Photo: The Pin-Ups Facebook page


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