Visuals: 2015 Feast of the Black Nazarene

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This year’s procession of the Black Nazarene took about 17 hours to finish. It started 6am Friday morning at the Quirino Grandstand and ended at about 3am Saturday morning at Quiapo Church. An estimated 5 million people were in attendance, with one devotee dying very early in the procession. Several more were reportedly injured, while miracle stories — like this one about a mother finding her son who’s been lost since July — and strange sightings make the Feast of the Black Nazareno an always-interesting event.

“What struck me during the procession was the contrast between faith and sin, happiness and sadness, poverty, hope, and prayer,” photographer Geloy Concepcion, a long-time devotee who has an ongoing project on the Black Nazarene, says. Below are some interesting things he saw during the procession:

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Photos: Geloy Concepcion
Video: Marti Salva



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