Pasig City hospital tells people to look for treatment elsewhere due to COVID-19 overcrowding

The Medical City. Photo: ABS-CBN News
The Medical City. Photo: ABS-CBN News

The Medical City (TMC) in Pasig City has told would-be patients to seek treatment elsewhere because it is has exceeded its capacity thanks to a flood of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients, the hospital announced yesterday.

Eugenio Ramos, the hospital’s president, said in a statement posted to TMC’s social media accounts that they have currently 18 COVID-19 patients, 64 patients under investigation (PUIs), and 11 patients in their emergency department waiting for rooms, six of whom are already on ventilators and five of whom are in critical condition. At the same time, 137 of their staff are under quarantine because of possible COVID-19 infection.

Image: TMC/Twitter
Image: TMC/Twitter

“Unless we are able to move the new patients to other hospitals, our healthcare delivery system is going to break down… We do not wish at all to turn you away, but the reality is that we can no longer provide your loved-ones the care that they need,” Ramos said.

“Your own initiative to look for other hospitals is appreciated. We thank you for your support and cooperation,” he added.

TMC’s announcement comes after another private institution, the University of Santo Tomas Hospital, said that 530 of its healthcare staff have gone into quarantine for possible COVID-19 infection, limiting its capability to service its patients. Two public hospitals, the Lung Center of the Philippines and the Philippine General Hospital, meanwhile are asking the public to donate medical equipment such as masks, gloves, and disinfectants so that that they can properly protect their healthcare workers.

At the same time, at least three Quezon City patients who tested positive for the coronavirus were sent home due to overcrowding in Metro Manila hospitals. The three patients reportedly live in slum areas, where there’s a higher chance of spreading the virus.

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Just last month, Health Secretary Francisco Duque denied that the Philippines has a weak healthcare system after the World Health Organization expressed worry that some developing countries may not be able to protect themselves from COVID-19.

As of today, the Philippines has 501 COVID-19 cases, with 33 dead. At least 19 people have recovered from the disease.


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