On the Map: Filmmaker responds to Inday rant with geographical alternative to SEA Games entrance music

Mayor Sara Duterte and athletes at the opening of the Southeast Asian Games. <i>Photo: Duterte/IG; ABS-CBN News</i>
Mayor Sara Duterte and athletes at the opening of the Southeast Asian Games. Photo: Duterte/IG; ABS-CBN News

Netizens — even the ones in the pro-PRRD camp — were fuming after Davao City Mayor “Inday” Sara Duterte lambasted the use of the 1960s classic Manila as the entrance song for Team Philippines at the Southeast Asian Games’ opening ceremonies on Saturday, saying the Hotdogs’ iconic hit wasn’t “inclusive” of non-Manileños.

While most merely grumbled into their beers that the First Daughter didn’t know what the hell she was talking about and “Manila” is a dope song (it’s basically the Philippines’ answer to Sinatra’s New York, New York), one filmmaker took it upon himself to come up with a more inclusive, and hilarious, alternative.

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Since it appeared on Sunday, Jigs Ancheta’s re-scored version of Team Philippines’ entrance has gone viral, thanks to his use of the witty Yoyoy Villame novelty ditty Philippine Geography, which offers a lighthearted lesson in, well, Philippine geography. Ancheta’s remix has been shared almost 22,000 times and viewed more 663,000 times, earning high praise from netizens who were amused with the whole idea.

In his caption, the 28-year-old Ancheta wrote: “Oh, I fixed it so that Inday Sara won’t suffer from high blood [pressure].” (Check out the video for yourself below.)

In a Facebook Messenger interview with Coconuts Manila, Ancheta said he actually agreed with Mayor Duterte’s lament, despite not being a member of the family’s legion of fans known as Duterte Diehard Supporters.

“I just find Inday Sara’s complaint to be somewhat… true,” Ancheta said. “I was thinking the same thing when the Hotdog classic came out when I was watching the telecast [of the games, and thought] that the song was Manila-centric.”

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But rather than take to Instagram and invoke the name of national hero Lapu-Lapu in an aggrieved rant about bloodlines (like some people we know), Ancheta tried something a little more constructive.

He decided to use Villame’s song, which he laid over a video of the SEA Games opening ceremony that he found online.

“It just took less than five minutes. I just sorta spliced together the video from Twitter and ripped the song from YouTube and voila, from the VivaVideo app, I inserted the music [into the video],” he said.

“It’s shocking that people are sharing it and are amused by it,” he added.

What do you think of Ancheta’s version? Tell us by leaving a comment below or tweeting to @CoconutsManila.

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