Ohno, Gotta Go: Philippines to deport accused Yakuza fraudster

Suspect Katsumi Ohno. <i>Photo: Bureau of Immigration</i>
Suspect Katsumi Ohno. Photo: Bureau of Immigration

An elderly man accused in his native Japan of being part of a Yakuza syndicate will be deported home to face fraud charges, the Philippines’ immigration bureau announced today.

Immigration officials arrested 71-year-old Katsumi Ohno on Sept. 30 along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said in a statement. Ohno was arrested based on a February request made by the Japanese embassy in Manila, which informed local immigration officials about a standing warrant issued in Japan for Ohno.

Ohno came to the Philippines from Hong Kong and had been hiding here since 2011, according to the statement.

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“We also learned that his passport already expired in November last year, making him an undocumented alien,” Morente said.

Ohno has been blacklisted and will not be allowed to enter the Philippines again. He’s currently detained at the immigration office in Bicutan, Taguig City, where he will remain until his deportation.

From time to time, old Yakuza veterans are found living in hiding around the region. In Thailand last year, a former Yak accused of murder was arrested after hiding out in the country for 15 years. Interpol finally caught up with the 74-year-old after someone took photos of full-body tattoos and they went viral on Thai social media.

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