Number of dead in ‘Forever Summer’ tragedy reaches 5

Five individuals, including an American national, are reported dead following the ‘Forever Summer’ concert in Pasay City on May 22. 

Pasay City Police identified the victims as Ariel Leal, 22; Lance Garcia, 36; Bianca Fontejon, 18; and Eric Anthony Miller, 33.

They were found unconscious at the Mall of Asia open parking grounds while the concert was going on. 

The fifth victim, Ken Migawa, 18, is believed to have died on Sunday night. 

The casualties were found in different areas of the concert grounds. They were unrelated but all five were under the influence of alcohol. Some were brought to the San Juan de Dios Memorial Hospital and others were rushed to the Manila Doctors’ Hospital.

The police have launched a probe to determine the possible cause of death, Inquirer reports. 

According to Inquirer, at least two of the casualties suffered from heart failure. Some of the parents of the victims have already signed waivers to prevent the police from investigating further into the cause of deaths.

On social media, individuals who attended the concert claimed that drug-laced drinks were handed out at the event headlined by foreign DJs.

However, investigators say that it’s too early to determine the cause.

Police are also looking at the possibility of heatstroke or dehydration, especially since the country is now under high temperatures.

They are also investigating the concessionaires who sold food and drinks at the event attended by a crowd of about 14,000.

About 70 policemen were deployed at the venue, but no bouncers were visible at the center of the party, according to the Inquirer report.

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