New rules: Player stands on top of basketball hoop to shoot for team in LGBT community game

Screenshot from Marlone Paton-og Restituto Facebook page.

It’s a known fact the Filipinos love basketball, but here’s a video to illustrate just how competitive games can be.

A basketball game organized by the LGBT community in Ormoc City, Leyte, took a turn when players from the competing teams climbed up to the top of the basket’s rim and began shooting from there, as seen in a now-viral video posted Tuesday.

In the video, player Cesar Magallanes (aka Maria Cassandra Yolanda) can be seen sitting on top of the backboard, then catching and shooting the ball passed to her by teammates on the ground.

It’s really quite impressive, actually.

This obviously would never happen in a professional basketball game, but Magallanes’ opponents didn’t seem to mind. Seconds after she climbed up to the top of the basket, a representative from the opposing team followed suit.

The crowd seemed to enjoy it, too, with people cheering every time Magallanes “scored” a point.

It proved to not only be a winning strategy her and her team, Girl-Lash Pilipinas (a play on the Philippine national basketball team Gilas Pilipinas), but also a viral moment that now has 2.3 million views, 32,000 reactions, and 31,000 shares.

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