The New Bilibid Prison has the fluffiest yema cake!

That’s right. Sa loob ng Munti, at New Bilibid Prison, and if you wanna get anal about it, right smack in the middle of Batang City Jail Plaza.

Earlier this week,, god bless their souls, alerted us of this fluffy, nay fluffiest, yema cake from the prison. They called it “criminally delicious,” comparing it to “some of the better chiffon cakes you can buy at places like Red Ribbon or even Hizon’s Bakeshop. If it was any softer, I don’t it could’ve held up as well it did on our way home,” writes Mia Marci on the beautiful food website.

Mamon-like, the yema part pertains to two things: the icing covering the entire cake, and the filling running through its center. The cake has a dulce de leche-esque taste, they tell us, and already, we are super sold.

It’s easy to think of the cake as a reward for a good deed done. Proceeeds for every cake/pastry/bread sold goes to the families of the inmates as well as the education of scholar-inmates.

While a visit to New Bilibid may sound like a super urban adventure, you don’t need to go there to get your cake. Order one through Kanto King Grill (186 Aguirre St., BK Home Paranaque. Tel. No. +63923 6472127). Give it about two to three days lead time. Thank you for this,!

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