Netizens rally to help dog with hole in neck featured in viral video

Photo: John Paolo Santiago Navea/FB
Photo: John Paolo Santiago Navea/FB

Keep doing your magic, internet.

Facebook user John Paolo Santiago Navea shared a now-viral video earlier today of a dog eating noodles from a plate in the village of Sto. Cristo in Angat, Bulacan. While it may seem like something ordinary, viewers soon find that some noodles go back out of a big hole in the dog’s neck.

Navea said in the post that he and his mother saw the dog drinking the soapy water from their washed clothes, so they gave the dog clean water and fed it leftover noodles.

“While I was watching the dog eat, I saw that some of the noodles it was eating was going out [somewhere] again,” he wrote in Filipino in the post. “When I looked closer, there was a huge hole in the dog’s neck.”

“I assumed that the dog was supposed to be slaughtered but probably got away,” he added.

Navea added that he hoped that the killing of dogs would stop.

He said that owners who can’t take care of their pets anymore should turn them over to authorities to avoid incidents like this.

The Facebook post had over 48,000 views, 1,900 reactions, and 1,100 shares as of this article’s posting. Some netizens couldn’t bear to watch the video:

Facebook user Liam Russ wrote: “It’s so hard to watch! I feel so bad for the dog with a hole in its neck. I hope someone helps bring the dog to a vet.”

De An said: “I really can’t watch the video of the little fella. It’s too heartbreaking.”

A certain Rodrigo Fuaso said that whoever did it to the dog can be sued. “I just hope [someone] finds out whoever … did this.”

According to Section 9 of Republic Act 8485 (The Animal Welfare Act of 1998), which outlines the penalties of a person found guilty of animal cruelty, “Any person who subjects any animal to cruelty, maltreatment or neglect shall, upon conviction by final judgment, be punished by imprisonment and/or fine.”

If found guilty, the person could face imprisonment of at least one year and one day to a maximum of one year and six months, and/or a PHP50,000 (US$949.42) fine.

Others rallied to make sure the dog receives the treatment it needs.

Vel Torculas-Tsukamoto said: “Hello [please] post [your] exact location and there might be someone near who can rescue the dog.”

“There might be someone who would want to bring this dog to the vet and then we’ll just split it [the bill]. I’m willing to contribute. Poor dog,” wrote Inan Capuz.

Ralph Mathew Enerlan Are added that he’ll also contribute some money.

Clarizza Lagmay wrote to Navea and told him to message her so she can send someone to pick up the dog.

In a comment on the post, Navea said that he along with his friends will look for the dog again later today and help bring it to a veterinary clinic.

Coconuts Manila reached out to Navea for an update but he has yet to respond.

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