Nas Daily shares why the Philippines is ‘most lovable country’

Facebook content creator Nas Daily with a group of Filipino children. Screenshot via Nas Daily’s Facebook page.

“If you know me in person, you’ll know that [the] Philippines is the country I love the most,” Nuseir Yassin, aka Nas Daily, wrote on his Facebook page yesterday.

For those who aren’t on Facebook much, Nas Daily is a content creator who has over 7 million followers on the social media platform. He regularly posts travel-related videos that are only 1 minute long.

But in his latest video, Yassin broke his 1 minute only rule by creating a six-minute video compilation about why he thinks the Philippines is “the most lovable country.”

This, coming from a guy who has been to more than 60 countries.

The video now has over 3.3 million views, 137,000 likes, and 80,000 shares as of posting.

The video was filmed during Yassin’s second trip to the country, this time with his girlfriend and fellow content creator Alyne Tamir.

He shares that a week before they landed in the Philippines, a group of Filipinos helped him plan a surprise for his girlfriend. Filipinos covered their houses with art, brought singers, made welcome gifts, and gave her a warm welcome complete with confetti.

On the video, Yassin also marvels at the Philippines’ great outdoors, showing clips of the majestic rock formation of El Nido in Palawan.

Most importantly, he says the Filipinos’ hospitality and resilience are some of the reasons he loves the country so much.

“Disregard politics, distance, traffic, and remember the Philippines and its people are the real ‘gem of Asia’,” he says in the last bit. “I’ll miss you guys.”


And Filipinos love Yassin, too, as seen in their comments to the video.

“Ok ok.. By the power vested upon me (haha) we are now declaring you as our adoptive brother Nas,” Facebook user Sheen Kathrine wrote. “Mabuhay! (Live greatly)”

One user suggested to make things a bit more political:

Alyssa Claire Loreno wrote: “Dud (sic), try to make a video about the politics behind alleged ‘ownership’, and claims behind some of the islands, as well as the policies being implemented. You’ll see just how much ‘love’ the leaders have for this country. Try looking up ‘Scarborough Shoal’, ‘Chinese navy seizing small-town fisherfolk catch’, ‘anti-drug campaign’, etc.”

Yassin, who is Palestinian replied: “Every country I go to has the same issues. I’m not visiting countries to be a political analyst. My home country has enough shit politics to last me a lifetime.”

One couldn’t help her tears of joy from falling.

Jill Andrea Gepilano wrote a lengthy post: “I’m crying why am i crying haha im so happy you love the PH.”

“Just to share, I’m born and raised in the Philippines and currently working as a cabin crew for the national airline. People always tell me (esp relatives from other countries), ‘why not work for another country and live there?’

I would always say no, there is no other place i would rather live, there in no other country I would serve and there’s no other country I would call home, and that is the Philippines.

“I’ve experienced other countries because of my work, but truly, my heart will always belong to my country.

Thank you Nas! Crying tears of happiness right now cause of this. hahaha”

One wrote that Yassin always makes a positive impact in his vlogs.

Maria Paulina said: “Hope you do a meetup here in the Philippines when you come back, maybe w/ Dear Alyne and the gang as well! You guys are definitely my favourite vlogger (sic) atm. You make such a positive impact.”

To which the vlogger quipped: “ATM?!! Why not forever?!!!?”

“If this doesn’t make you love them (the Philippines and its people), I don’t know what will,” Yassin ended his post.

Watch the video if you haven’t already.

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