Miriam strikes back: 12 hot quotes vs. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago delivered her privilege speech today, Wednesday, Dec 4, addressing the barbs that Senator Juan Ponce Enrile had directed at her in his own privilege speech last Nov 27. If you think Enrile hit below the belt, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We’ve chosen 12 of Santiago’s fierce statements

1. “He is a Psychopathic Hypersexualized Serial Womanizer.”

2. “Feel free to compare my resume to Enrile, since my biography appears in Wikipedia.”

3. “At one point in his glittering career as Senate President, Enrile had the audacity to throw a birthday party at a five-star Makati hotel for his concubine, to which he was able to drag President Aquino.”

4. “If he’s brave, he should switch place with me: He should be funny and I’ll be the asshole.”

5. “Until now, Enrile has clung to his right to remain silent, prompting citizens to start a movement called ‘Kumibo ka Naman, Enrile.'”

6. “In Cagayan, it is said that when he was a baby, his mother dropped him on his head. Kaya ganyan yan.”

7. “He looks like a female llama surprised in her bath. He reminds me of nothing so much as a dead fish, before it has time to stiffen.”

8. “No matter how devilish his power or fabulous his ill-gotten wealth, I refuse to be coerced by Enrile!”

9. “Enrile is the mastermind of the biggest plunder case in Philippine history.”

10. “He eats his own words for breakfast. He has absolutely no credibility!”

11. “Enrile never reached my levels of professional recognition. He spends time on his tablet while the Senate is in session!”

12. “Enrile with his eternal philandering and unexplained wealth desperately needs a shrink. His mind is sick, sick, sick! Sick!”

Photo and video from GMA-7’s YouTube account

Did we miss anything? What was your favorite quote, tell us below.

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5 thoughts on “Miriam strikes back: 12 hot quotes vs. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

  1. Sabi nila, baliw daw si Miriam. Mas gugustuhin ko na lang ang politikong baliw kesa politikong mandarambong. Nag mimistula nang pusali ang senado.hehe

  2. To all who opposes MDS,her latest tirade against Enrile is just like a pandora's box to many people,opening a window to the other side is like exposing a dark room to the sun,If not for MDS,how much we know about Enrile?This man is very powerful,at the age of 89,he still fooling us.If MDS is a man,she is credited with a man with 3 balls.Nobody could oppose Enrile face to face.During Martial Law of Makoy,these people are DEMI GODS,for now they become normal people again,This is the CATHARSIS of Philippine Politics,many thank's to the INterNET.

  3. I am NOT a Phillippino but an Australian & I Love these people & i detest the way they are treated…WHY isn`t Juan Ponce Enrile treated LIKE The CRIMINAL He is,oh my God i have forgotten he is a ' Protected Species like that MAGGOTT Janet Napoles "…….IS THERE NO LEGAL SYSTEM THAT OPERATES CORRECTLY in THIS WORLD….IT SEEMS AUSTRALIANS Also SUFFER From CORRUPT POLITICIANS……." THROW " JUAN PONCE ENRILE in a CELL with JANET NAPOLES & LET THEM "" ROT ""

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