Meet Peppa, the baby pig with unusual athletic skills

Peppa is an unbelievably fit pig! PHOTO: ABS-CBN News

Peppa is nothing like an ordinary pig.

Dog trainer Ronaldo Nedia has taught her things that pigs don’t usually do, like how to finish an obstacle course with challenges such as hoops, jumps, and an elevated walk.

“She was always following me. This must be different, I thought. It’s like she was looking for a family,” Nedia said about the animal with unusual athletic skills.

Pepa is half native pig and half wild pig. She has also developed a special bond with one of Nedia’s dog, Bom Bom.

Peppa and Nedia spend a lot of time together in the special-built indoor run.

“I want to see what’s the limitation of animals… the limitation of a pig. If I can teach her agility, I’d be satisfied,” Nedia said in a report by ABS-CBN.

Peppa’s tricks also include turning, jumping “over” and running “under.”

Nedia uses positive reinforcement to encourage Peppa to learn. He rewards her with powdered milk just as his dogs are rewarded with treats.

There are studies saying that pigs are actually smarter than dogs, so it’s no surprise that huge Peppa is able to remember all the tricks taught by her owner.

You may watch the complete video about Peppa here.

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Photos: Screen grab from ABS-CBN News

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