Man survives shooting but killed while getting treatment in Angono hospital

Photo: Angono Police
Photo: Angono Police

A man who survived an alleged extrajudicial killing was shot dead when he was brought for treatment in an Angono, Rizal hospital yesterday morning.

At about 11:43am, the Angono police received a report saying that Vincent Adia was shot at 3:30am yesterday. When Adia was brought to the Rizal Provincial Hospital System Annex in the village of San Isidro for treatment, an unidentified gunman barged into the emergency room and shot him. The assailant, who was carrying a backpack and wearing a black T-shirt and shorts, fled from the hospital on board a motorcycle with an accomplice.

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A hospital worker tweeted that Adia was a victim of extrajudicial killing, and he was shot three times in the face. She alleged that he pretended to be dead to escape his killers and was brought to the hospital by village officials. The tweets could no longer be found because the front liner’s account has been turned private, reported The Philippine Daily Inquirer. 

“It was a miracle that he’s alive. Fully conscious, coherent. We were able to extract some info from him. He knew who shot him. He wrote it down. But then the papers he wrote on suddenly went missing,” the medical worker said.

She said that the hospital staff was able to identify the man through the tattoos on his body. They were able to locate his address through Facebook.

“We were trying to trace his relatives, but then hours after stabilizing the patient, an unidentified gunman suddenly went inside our emergency room,” she said.

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The assailant “shot the patient once…then pointed the gun at us, and while all the HCWs (healthcare workers) cowered in fear, shot the patient for the second time, stormed out of the emergency room, and rode his motorcycle. Just like that.”

The Angono police promised that they would conduct a thorough investigation of the crime.

The Philippine National Police has been waging a bloody drug war since 2016, which has killed thousands of drug suspects. The police said they were killed in raids because they fought back (“nanlaban”). Still, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reported in June that cops habitually plant guns on drug suspects’ bodies, as well as methamphetamine. In one example, the organization found that “that the police repeatedly recovered guns bearing the same serial numbers from different victims in different locations.”

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