Man cancels Grab ride thinking the driver was drunk when he was actually having a stroke

Photo: ABS-CBN News
Photo: ABS-CBN News

Maybe it pays to be a bit more patient with people.

Facebook user Sid Maderazo shared in a now-viral Facebook post on Saturday about how he mistook a Grab driver having a stroke to be drunk.

He wanted the driver to pick up their nanny at his home in Pasig City but decided to cancel his request when he noticed that the guy was talking in a weird way.

Maderazo said in the post that the incident happened on Friday. After booking the ride, the driver called to ask for directions.

“His voice was unusual, his tone was slightly rude and his speech was very slurry and unintelligible. Since I couldn’t understand a word he said, I hung up, slightly annoyed,” he said in the post.

Maderazo decided to call the driver back after seeing him approach the entrance of the gated village where he lives.

“This time he sounded much worse, extremely incomprehensible at that point. I was almost certain that he was drunk or under the influence,” he said.

He added that he tried his best to communicate with him but was unable to. According to Maderazo, the driver eventually stopped talking and hung up.

“Peeved and concerned about our yaya‘s (nanny) safety, I cancelled the booking and got another Grab. I wanted to report the erring driver to Grab immediately but decided to do it the next day.” 

But it turned out that the driver wasn’t drunk.

The next morning, Maderazo found out from the village’s security guards that the Grab driver had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital.

“I called his number and a woman answered the phone, I explained who I was, and that I wanted to know if he was ok and if I could assist in any way. The woman tearfully said, ‘Wala na po si Papa (My Papa is gone).'”

The driver was identified as 54-year-old Rudy Salvo. His daughter Donna May Ranes, 19, told Coconuts Manila through a text message that her father died on Saturday at 11:07am at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

In his Facebook post, Maderazo shared that according to the village guard who was on duty the night of the incident, they saw Salvo “trying to unlock his phone, maybe desperately trying to call his family one last time until he fell unconscious.”

He shared that the barangay (village) ambulance arrived an hour after and they allegedly didn’t bring him to the hospital immediately. “According to the guards they (rescuers) looked for his wallet to make sure he had money for hospitalization.”

“This angered me. I can’t believe that hospitals or ambulances prioritize money over human life,” Maderazo added in the post.

Ranes also shared that she was mad when she heard the allegation that the ambulance did not rush to save her father’s life.

She told Coconuts in Filipino: “I’m angry because instead of prioritizing my father’s life, they had to check first his wallet. This is the system in the Philippines, nothing has changed.”

Maderazo also urged people not to be too quick to judge and “to be more patient with people who seem different, they might be going through something or fighting a battle we don’t know about.”

The Facebook post had over 40,000 likes and 17,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens weighed in on the incident.

Drinie Aguilar wrote: “Wow. Yes big lesson here, it’s so easy to be quick to judge but you never know what’s really happening. Thanks for sharing this with a way to show support for his family.”

Melanie Reyes Gapiz shared: “I just want you to know that I shared this story in Church yesterday. They all [gasped] when I told them what happened to Mr. Rudy. Thank you for sharing this story. Sometimes we need to be reminded about these things.”

Nandy Villar said: “What a sad story. I wonder though why he still proceeded to try to pick up a passenger when he was obviously not well anymore.”

Lala Ventura adeded: “Omg Sid. This breaks my heart. [But] there’s always a reason for everything. May his soul Rest In Peace.”

“That’s sad. I hope the driver’s on his way to heaven now,” wrote AJ Dimarucot.

Those who want to extend their financial assistance to Salvo’s family can contact his daughter through the number: +63 995 904 8399.

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