Man beheads woman and eats her brain after she speaks to him in English

Photo: Natasha Connell/Unsplash
Photo: Natasha Connell/Unsplash

A 21-year-old was arrested yesterday in Talisayan town, in Misamis Oriental, after he allegedly beheaded a woman and ate her brain after she spoke to him in English.

Yes, you read that right.

Police Captain Maribeth Ramoga, the police chief of Talisayan, alleged that suspect Lloyd Bagtong became annoyed when the unidentified victim spoke to him in English, prompting him to commit the gruesome killing.

The suspect, who was reportedly drunk when he committed the crime, showed the cops where he hid his victim’s severed head inside his house in the village of Casibole, SunStar Cagayan de Oro reports. The victim’s body, which was clad in just a pair of jeans, was found about four kilometers away with its hands tied together.

Captain Ramoga accused Bagtong of killing his victim using a scythe. He also allegedly ate the victim’s brain simply because he was hungry, using it as a topping for rice, The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports. (However, he also reportedly had a history of mental illness.)

Before the incident, witnesses say they saw Bagtong and his victim walking together, though it’s unclear how they know each other.

Authorities believe that the victim was beheaded early yesterday morning because the blood at the crime scene looked new.

People who know the suspect personally said he was reputedly mentally ill, according to Abante. Bagtong will be charged with murder, but police will hire a psychiatrist to determine his actual mental state. Authorities are still trying to determine the identity of his victim, whose body is currently at the Gomez Funeral Homes in Talisayan.

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