Look: Stage is set for ‘Suntukan sa Ace Hardware’

Brilliantly played, Ace Hardware!

The imaginary “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware” was scheduled to happen today. 

Of course, mall management and security won’t really allow 30,000 people to get involved in a free-for-all brawl.

Suntukan sa Ace Hardware is a viral Facebook event created by “Mr. Balagbag: Tuberong Kulay Green” last month. It has more than 30,000 attendees. Again, we emphasize that it’s fictitious. 

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So what did Ace Hardware do with all the attention? They learned to take advantage of the free media mileage.

In a rather clever marketing move, they prepared a small boxing ring where customers can take photos. 

PHOTO: Inquirer
PHOTO: Inquirer
PHOTO: Chuga House

We’re pretty sure that Ace Hardware will be very much present on social media in the next few days.

Incidentally, a 3-day mallwide sale is also happening at SM City Lucena. 

So perhaps we’ll still see one another at Ace Hardware to shop for supplies?


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